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Where to buy good cakes in Bahrain?

Finding the best places for cakes has been a daunting experience for me, especially since there are no proper guides or good recommendations. So, here I bring you a collection of the best places to buy cakes in Bahrain from my personal experiences.

Feel free to add any other must try cake place or cakes to try in Bahrain in the comments below.

1. Cake Boutique

Cake Boutique is located in seef and hamala. You can find them on talabat, where we usually buy from for a quick cake.

You can contact them on 17552253

Cakes to try – Carrot Cake, Crispy Hazelnut Coffee Cake, San Sebastian Cheesecake, Crème Brûlée

Cakes I will skip – Saffron Pistachio Cake (dry)

Price Range BHD 11 – 30

2. Vibes

Vibes is located near Zinj. They are also available on Talabat. We went for their cake featuring football with letter H. Of course, you have to pre-order if you want the birthday pals first letter.

They gave us a choice of brownie or Choco crunch. We went with Choco crunch and loved it.

We also recommend Hazelnut cake.

Price range BHD 10 – 20

3. Cake Walk

Cake walk is located in Manama. They are also on Talabat, where we usually order.

Cakes to buy – Hazelnut Praline, Chocolate Truffle, Lotus cakes

You can contact them on 1704 4555

Price Range BHD 6 – 20

4. Al Manar Bakeries

Al Manar Bakeries – Luxurious Patisserieis located in Jifhafs.

Cakes to try – Mango cake, Blueberry cheesecake, New York cheesecake, chocolate hazelnut and chocolate pistachio.

You can contact them on 17555535

Price range BHD 10 – 20

5. Alosra supermarket

We usually go to the juffair branch for shopping and Our absolute favorite is their fruit cake.

Price range BHD 8 – 12

6. Dairy Queen

If you love icecreams, then the icecream rich cakes from Dairy Queen are worthy.

Cakes to try – Choco brownie blizzard cake

Price range – BHD 10 to 20

7. Le Chocolat

Le Chocolat Cafe and Restaurant sure has many cakes to choose from.

Cakes to try – Montana cake, Nutty Nutella, Chocolate Fudge

Price range – BHD 15 to 20

8. Macaron Cafe & Restaurant at The Atrium Mall

A close friend of mine, Meenachi, recommended a cake from their store to me and I was completely blown away.

Cakes to try – Moist Nutella Cake

Price range – Around BHD 15 to 20.

Bonus tips

Also if one were to ask me which are some other cakes that are worth trying, I’d recommend Russian Honey Cake from Nomad Eatery at Seef Courtyard which was recommended to me by a close friend.

We hope you enjoyed reading the about the best places to buy cakes in Bahrain. Let us know your favorite cakes in the comments below.

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