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Mall of Dilmunia Bahrain

Mall of Dilmunia Bahrain is located in Dilmunia Island, Galali. They have many activities to do here. However, all parts of the mall are yet to open. They have a winter village from Dec Onwards, which is a good visit in the evenings. To know what to do here as well as eat here, scroll down below.

Basic Info

Address (P.S. Google Maps below): Dilmunia Island, Galali, Bahrain.
Time: 10 AM to 11 PM – All days
Contact: 13300266
Parking: Yes, mall parking
Price Range: Completely depends on what activities you choose to do here.

What activities can you do at Mall of Dilmunia Bahrain?

  • Walk by the bridge and see the water canal.
  • See the dancing fountain here.
  • See the biggest aquarium spread across 3 floors. You can find baby sharks here. I have seen divers going down but not sure if they offer this as a separate activity.
  • See the exhibits of various Anime characters such as Naruto, Dragon ball z, Marvel/DC characters etc..
  • Walk by the boulevard and see the seasons change as you stand here.
  • Take a look at the painting displays at the Boulevard and if you like any, you can purchase them.
  • Take your children for Ice skating at Bahrain Aquarium.
  • Take your children for rock climbing. There is a small climbing rock outdoor as well as indoors.
  • Go to play football with your friends at the Sports on the top most floor.

What food to eat at the Mall of Dilmunia Bahrain?

  • There are a bunch of foodtrucks outdoors. You should try the
    • Karak tea at Karak Alteseenat.
    • Nachos and Burrito at the last foodtruck. Forgot the name of the truck.
  • There are also food huts outdoors. You should try the
    • Chicken and Meat Shawarma at Rosemary hut.

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