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Little Lamb Happy Farm Hotpot and BBQ Buffet Dubai UAE

Little Lamb Happy Farm Hotpot and BBQ Buffet is located in Bur Dubai in Dubai. They have an all you can eat unlimited buffet with hotpot and live grills. To know more about this restaurant, keep scrolling.

The staff were very courteous and polite. We had an Indian host who guided us on what to eat, how to mix the sauces and ensured we had a pleasant experience.

Although they also have desserts, unlimited drinks, appetizers, their highlights are the options that they have in Hotpot and Live grills.

Overall the experience was good and we were full to the brim. A special thanks to my bestie Josh for this recommendation.

One point to note is that the washroom that was available was very basic incase you need to use one.

What is the price of the unlimited buffet?

69 AED per person.

Where is Little Lamb Happy Farm Hotpot and BBQ Buffet located?

They are located in Bur Dubai UAE. It is a 5 minute walk from the Sharaf DG metro.

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