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Igans Lechon Restaurant Bahrain Gudaibiya – araw araw fiesta

Igans Lechon Restaurant is located in Bahrain at Gudaibiya opposite Dasmans Center. They offer a wide variety of Filipino cuisine.

The ambiance is neat. They have a karaoke studio area incase you want to sing your heart out.

We went to the first floor and saw that the tables took more time to be cleaned so we chose the 6 seater instead of 3. Maybe they were having a busy Friday.

The service was slow. We got our first dish but not the plates. It’s summer and the AC is barely working.

We decided to Come here because of their promotion on their social media page about their halo halo. However, it was a big disappointment when they told us they ran out of ingredients.

P.S. They serve pork and beef.

What to eat at Igans Lechon Restaurant Bahrain

Garlic rice

Chicken sigsig

Pork sigsig (a little burnt in the end but tasted good)

Pork BBQ

Halo halo (their promotion shows that it is fast moving)

Where is Igans lechon restaurant located?

They are located in gudaibiya. You can find them opposite Dasmans Center.

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