Hotel Pancharathna Moodbidri

Hotel Pancharathna is located in Moodbidri is a restaurant serving coastal cuisine. They have different sections in their restaurant so take care to choose which prefers your purpose. I went to family fine dine section, but you also have family non alocohlic section.

I would say from an ambiance perspective the fine dine is many times better. Love the wooden themed ambiance with spacious distant seating with a wooden-framed privacy.

What is a must try food here at Hotel Pancharathna Moodbidri

Chicken ghee roast (spicy version)

Mutton 88 (slightly spicy)

Neer dosa

Chicken handai (spicy)

Plain roti

Note: all above are not boneless dishes so ask them if you prefer boneless.

Haryali chicken

Chicken tandoori

All the dishes we ordered were spicy so just mention to them if you do not like it spicy like my brother.

Desserts was my favorite part

Gudbad ❤️ – almost close to the actuals ideals gudbud, after all they use ideals icecream.

Chikoo icecream bowl ❤️- yummy

After all that spicy food, the icecream was much needed 😍

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