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Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant Bahrain

Hong Kong Restaurant Bahrain is located in Adliya and Saar.

We visited the Adliya branch. The staff were very courteous. There is ample parking outside. They have private seatings on the top floor for a group meeting or for a family meeting. Our first experience could have been better!

P.S. They serve pork and alcohol on order.

Basic Info

Address (P.S. Google Maps below): Villa 1165, Road No 3834, Manama, Bahrain
Time: 12 PM to 3 PM & 6.00 PM to 11.30 PM – All days
Contact: 17728700
Parking: Yes
Price Range: BHD 15 to 20 for two without alcohol.

What to try at Hong Kong Restaurant Bahrain?

  • Tom yom soup
  • Corn chicken soup
  • Fried Rice
  • Chicken in a pot
  • Chili Beef
  • Lemon chicken
  • Shrimp toast
  • Steamed garlic crabs
  • Freddie Babycorn
  • Squirrel Fish

Jasmine Tea after Food is cool.

I will skip Pork ribs in BBQ sauce and Chicken Dimsums next time.

P.S. We tried the Chinese liquor brand to try it out. We will avoid it next time.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant Bahrain

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