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Hibiscus Flower Tea Recipe – Dasavala Huvina Juice Recipe

Hibiscus tea is said to prevent hypertension and reduce blood sugar levels. It is also said to lower blood pressure, help with menstrual cramps, aid digestion and help with weight management. Today, we bring you the tea or juice from the hibiscus flower. It is recommended to test in small quantity if you are trying this for the first time to know how your body reacts to this. Please read the disclaimer below!

Hibiscus Flower Juice Recipe - Dasavala Huvina Juice Recipe


  • 1] It is Packed with antioxidants.
  • 2] It may lower blood pressure.
  • 3] It may help lower blood fat levels.
  • 4] It may boost liver health.
  • 5] It could promote Weight loss.
  • 6] It contains compounds that may help prevent cancer.
  • 7] It is delicious and easy to make.
Hibiscus Flower Juice Recipe - Dasavala Huvina Juice Recipe

Ingredients :

1] Hibiscus flower 15-20
2] Water 5 glass
3] Lemon 1
4] Sweetener (Sugar/ Jaggery/ Honey)

Method of preparation:

  • 1] Remove the petals of hibiscus flower and wash it.
  • 2] Add the washed petals to 5 glass of water and cook it to boil.
  • 3] Turn off the flame and let it to cool.
  • 4] Once cooled strain the juice.
  • 5] Then take half a glass of cooled juice and add half a glass water to it.
  • 6] Then squeeze little lemon and add the sweetener of your choice.
  • 7] Healthy and tasty juice is ready.

Tips: The prepared juice in step 4 can be stored in refrigerator for 2months.

Disclaimer (Side Effects)

Pregnant woman must avoid drinking this juice/ tea. Hibiscus is likely safe for most people when consumed in right amounts. The possible side effects of hibiscus may include stomach upset, gas, nausea, headache etc. I did not suffer from any side effects after consuming the same. Anything that works for me may not necessarily work for you. Everyone is different. Do your own research before using/ making them.

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