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Han Kook Kwan Bahrain – Korean Karaoke Restaurant

Han Kook Kwan Bahrain is a Korean restaurant in Juffair with a Karaoke room. It is in Grand Safir Hotel. The ambiance is chic with comfortable seating. We loved trying the Karaoke and had a range of preset songs to select from. We also loved the live grill options. To know what we enjoyed scroll down below.

Finding this place was difficult as it is in the Grand Safir Hotel. Since we found it on google, it was hard to identify that it was in the Hotel. However, once we found it, the rest is history.

The staff were very polite, friendly and courteous. They gave us a good recommendation on the food option considering it was our first time.

Basic Info

Address (P.S. Google Maps below): Building 740, Road 2412, Block 324 Juffair, Grand Safir Hotel, Bahrain
Time: 12 PM – 12 AM – all days
Contact: 33636703, 17365999, 37220501
Parking: Yes
Price Range: BHD 20+ for two.

P.S. They serve pork, beef and alcohol.

What to try at Han Kook Kwan Korean Restaurant?

  • We had live grill with the following meat options – the Beef (called as So Bul Gal Bi) and Pork without sauce(called as sam gyeop sal)
  • The staff set up the grill and helped us set up. We loved using the steel chopsticks to cling to our food.
  • They serve the meat with complimentary food items such as Omelette Sushi (Tamago Yaki Japanese Omelette), KimchiChicken stripsGinger thin cutsLettuce basket3 sauces
  • You can ask them for more rounds of the above except the grill meat. The complimentary foods would have been obviously factored into the meat grill pricing.

More from them

Where is it located?

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