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GrafEATii Bistro & Bowl Bahrain Amwaj Lagoon Park

GrafEATii Bistro & Bowl Bahrain is located in Amwaj in the Lagoon Park spread. This is a comfortable bowling rink with a bistro attached for your food.

The interiors and exteriors give off a rustic 90s vibe with graffiti paintings stealing the limelight and creating a cohesive atmosphere.

You can contact them on 1600 0050.

Their timings – they are open from 12 PM to 12 AM. On weekends they will close at 1AM.

What is the price of bowling at GrafEATii Bistro & Bowl Bahrain?

Their prices are BHD 3.750 Per person. However, they usually have happy hour discount where if you go bowling before 4 PM, the price is BHD 2 per person.

Where is GrafEATii Bistro & Bowl Bahrain located?

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