Fitness for the Busy

Fitness for the Busy Season 2 – July Walkathon

Event Registration Closed on June 30th 2021. Event Ends on July 29th 2021.

Team Prize is Sponsored by Simple Food & Reviews

Organizers Bezel Antao, Melitta Lopez & Flenil D’Souza

Challenge 4 – Lets Smash This!

Get your clocks ready and wear your best shoes because we are in the final week of the Walkathon challenge.

We are so proud of how far you all have come. Great job everyone. Please pat yourself on the back on a job well done. This week we will be giving our all.

The challenge:-

Every member has 1 hour to walk/jog/run. Give it your best! The team with the highest distance will win.


  • Walk/Jog/Run – It is your choice. Choose what you are comfortable with.
  • No splits allowed. Only 1 workout.
  • Only 1 hour max is considered. Grace time of 30 seconds is available for all team members. If anyone crosses this, team captains shall compute the distance proportionately. ([Total Kms / Total Distance] x 1 hour)
  • No team will be disqualified if a member does not complete any day. There is no mandatory requirements.
  • From another question asked by members, You have to post screenshots in the main group everyday that you walk.
  • Please be careful when you move and make sure to keep hydrated as the news are also warning us about possible heatstrokes. So please be careful and sensitive to your body’s needs.

P.S. We start Monday and end on Thursday.

Challenge 3 – Increase your pace in 30 mins

Everyone, we are so proud of you. I am stomped to see how much you have all walked and how consistent you all have become. Can you all pat yourself in the back?

As we go into the third week of our challenge…this will be very different compared to the first 2 challenges. This week is all about pushing your limits in a short time. Even though we are busy, we only need 30 mins to walk everyday to keep ourselves healthy.

This week we will focus on getting most done in 30 mins.

Heres the challenge
Every member walks any 3 days of your choice.

The final weeks challenge is going to take a lot from us so this week’s focus is on increasing your pace in 30 minutes. Also, please do not push yourself. We do not encourage you to push yourself to the extent of hurting yourself. You are solely responsible if you decide to


  • Last day is this Thursday
  • Only walking allowed
  • Only 1 split max
  • Max time 30 mins. (Best to stop at 30. 2 mins grace time is there. If someone forgets to off, proportionate distance will be considered.)
  • From a question asked by member, You can walk any day you like and choose the best distance of any 3 days.
  • From another question asked by members, You have to post screenshots in the main group everyday that you walk.
  • From another question asked by members, there should not be any pauses in the 30 minutes walk unless it is due to health related reasons.

The winner will be decided on the highest distance covered.

Incase there is any evidence to prove anyone runs, the score will be disqualified to give a 0 for that day. All team watch out for other teams trying to run. Also the running point decision will be taken by organizers after being highlighted by team captains. So please do not worry about it being unfair. Also, we know all of you are honest with the challenge and No-one will cheat and put in a running score. We trust you. So, Please do try to increase your walking pace without worrying about it looking like running.

P.S. We start Saturday and end on Thursday.

Challenge 2 – Finish the race

Good evening everyone. You have all performed great this week and we are so proud of all of you!

Let’s bring out the next challenge.

Here it is. 

This week’s challenge is going to be a race to the finish line. 125km is the finish line for each team. Can you make it? Let’s find out. 

Rules of the race

1. No minimum days and no minimum KMs like last challenge. 

2. Max 5km per member per day for the race. (only 5kms per person must be entered into the sheet but you can walk as much as you like)

3. 5km must be completed in one workout only. No split workouts allowed this week.

4. The final day near to finish line, captains must finish entering the records and send a screenshot immediately in the main group. The 1st captain to share will be declared the winning

If captains send at the same minute, the ranking will be shared equally. (Reference will be made to Bezels, Melitta and Flenil mobile time incase of any dispute in the respective order)

5. Screenshot of walking workout should be shared in main group.

6. This is a team event and hence all members can help contribute the required kms to reach the finish line.

Other General walking rules 

1. No passive walking is allowed. Only Active walking in a single workout is allowed. 

2. Walking and running is allowed.

3. All clarifications or Complaints must be sent to your team captains and the captains will discuss and decide on the same in a parliamentary manner.

P.S. We start on Sunday and end on Thursday.

Challenge 1 – Getting started

Week 1 Walkathon Challenge

 • We will be divided into 4 teams.  • Each team member must walk at least 5 days in the week at a minimum of 2 KMs per day to qualify (so a total of 10 KMs). You can choose to walk more days or KMs if yWeek 1 Walkathon Challenge• You can choose the 5 days according to your schedule. 
• You will have to put your app screenshot in the group once you are done so your team captains can take notice.• The app will be of your choice so long as the day and time can be seen.

General guidelines

• We will start on July 2nd, so 1 week is Friday to Thursday.• In case of situations like sickness, etc. where you might miss days, please message us privately. • Every week, each team will receive a ranking based on the teams average kms at the end of the week. Subject to meeting minimum qualifying requirements.• Team captains shall be responsible to update their team members distance coverage.• Every Fridays, performance will be reviewed and rankings will be allotted. 4 walking challenges means 4 rankings. The Total ranking score will decide the winners of this challenge.• The teams along with the team captain will be announced tonight. 

General FAQ

1. When are we starting?A – We start July 2nd.
2. When does the week start and end for the challenge?A – From Friday to Thursday.
3. Is it individual steps or group steps? Is it kms or steps ?A- The Distance in KMs shall be considered and counted.
4. Who gets the prize – individual doing more steps/kms or the whole group?A – The winning team.
5. If our team members don’t finish the minimum requirement we do not qualify or get a rank?A – All team members must complete the minimum qualifying requirements to qualify for the ranking at the end of the week. The exception is incase of sickness but messaging the group admins is mandatory.
6. Can I choose the days I want to walk?A – The days you choose to complete the challenge is up to you and your team.
7. Does the whole days KMs count or should I walk in one stretch?A – The normal days KMs do not count. It should be the workout KMs. The screenshot should display the duration and KMs in that duration.
All the best and may the odds be in your favor.

Addendum to the Rules

Due to a number of questions, complaints and clarifications being raised, the organizers have decided make few changes to ensure fairness to all participants 
1. The walkathon will include only Walking activities and running activities. 
Whether sports activities to be inluded or not will be taken by way of poll to be released soon.
2. Only Active walking is allowed. Passive walking will not be considered.
3. You need to manually time the workout from the app. No auto detect workouts. The screenshot needs to be shared and should include time period, duration.
4. Workout can only be split twice to ensure fairness to all. 
(If split is more than 2 hours, it will be mandatorily reviewed).
5. All Workout will be verified by other team captains as well as the organizers. 
Incase your team does not qualify with the qualifying requirements, the team will be charged a penalty of 4km per day of non qualification.
6. All issues/clarifications / complaints to be informed to your team captains. The team captains and the organizers will discuss seperately and will get back to you. Please do not message the organizers. Everything will go through captains in a parliamentary manner.
Let us all work together in ensuring that there is fair and healthy competition to all team members.
The above is effective from today. Incase you have any points …please pass them to the captain by the end of the day.

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