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The Dubai Frame – Dubai UAE

The Dubai Frame – Dubai is a magnificent structure in UAE which resembles that of an actual gold frame. The exterior looks marvelous and shines in gold luminance.

Once you enter, and reach the lift to go up, it is like a museum where you get to experience the UAE history.

Once you reach up, you can see all corners of dubai and enjoy the view. They also have a glass floor here, so you can actually walk on top of it and click pictures.

There are 2 coffee shops here as well incase you feel the need.

Also, when we had to exit from the top, it was crowded as it is a weekend.

They have a fountain in front of the entrance to the Frame where it dances to the tune of music between certain time intervals.

When you exit, you can find Zabeel park next to it incase you want to just chill and walk around. It is free from the Dubai frame. However otherwise the park charges 5 AED.

We took a taxi to reach here.

We came on a weekend and the rush was moving slowly. Hence, best to visit on weekdays.

What is the ticket cost to The Dubai Frame?

The Tickets to the Dubai Frame costs 55 AED for those above 12 years.

The price is 21 AED for 3 years to 12 years.

It is free for children below 3 years and people of determination.

It is open from 9 am to pm

The tickets were available at the counter or you can search on Google for some combo ticket packs where you can also get tickets to aquarium and Burj Khalifa.

Where is the Dubai Frame located and how to reach here?

The Dubai frame is located in Dubai UAE.

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