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Dennys Diner and Breakfast Dubai UAE

Dennys Diner is located all around Dubai. We visited their Dubai Sheikh Zayed Branch. They offer American breakfast and dinner options all day round. I love breakfast and this is such good news to me.

Their breakfast options are amazing . They have a all you can eat breakfast for 49 AED. We haven’t tried it but incase you do, do let us know in the comments how you found it.

The ambiance was really good and the staff were polite and courteous.

A special thanks to my friends Josh and Ali for the recommendation.

What time does Dennys Diner and Breakfast Dubai open?

They are open 24 hours.

What to order at Dennys Diner and Breakfast Dubai?

Chicken and waffles – comes with fried chicken, mac n cheese and waffles. We also like to ask for extra gravy.

Steakhouse deluxe bowl – the meat was cooked perfectly and the combination of broccoli with the steak mashed potato and cheese was stunning.

Shakshouka skillet – you can choose your eggs to be cooked soft, medium or fully cooked. We choose soft since we love the oozing of the yolk. They provide 3 tortillas. We took an additional 3 tortillas for extra price.

Grand slam slugger – you can choose your egg to be done anyways. We took scrambled eggs. It comes with eggs, bacon, hashBrowns, sausages and pancakes.

We love the maple syrup on the table and used it generously on the waffles and pancakes.

We also took their hot brew coffee which comes with milk and we recommend adding maple syrup to it. This coffee has unlimited refills.

Where is Dennys diner and breakfast located

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