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Da Rae Jung Restaurant Bahrain – Korean & Thai

Da Rae Jung Restaurant Bahrain is located in Adliya. They are a cozy spacious restaurant serving Korean and Thai cuisine. Primarily, serving Korean cuisine, they are famous for their BBQ. They have an option for pork as well as pork and beef. They also have an a-la-carte menu with many options.

They also serve alcohol including the Korean soju.

I love the simple yet homely interiors. The walls had minions, photos of the journey of the restaurant and a display of a city architecture.

You can also sit outdoors on the patio and enjoy the nice winter.

On the first floor they have karaoke rooms. There are 4 rooms, with seating of 20, 8 and 4 respectively incase you want to have a private event or party.

If you need anything, just click on the pointer near you.

The staff are very polite and courteous. We thank them for the warm hospitality. Gam sa ham ni da. This means thank you in Korean.

Their timings are from 11 AM to 11 PM.

You can contact them on 17402168.

What to order at Da Rae Jung Restaurant Bahrain Adliya

We took the unlimited pork and beef bbq which was bhd 8.5 per head and we were two people.

They came and set up the barbeque and got the meats. We put them in the BBQ grill and enjoyed the sides consisting of the kimchi, chicken salad, vegetable salad, and raddish kimchi. This can be refilled once only.

We also got the soup, Korean noodles, steamed egg and sticky rice. There is no refill on this.

We liked their da rae jung sauce, which we had more of.

They also provided us lettuce which is an accompaniment. This can be refilled 3 times.

We also got to try the kimchi cheese jeon whcih went really well with the soy sauce. It looks more like an omelette but a healthier option.

Menu of Da Rae Jung Bahrain Korean Restaurant

Where is Da Rae Jung Restaurant Bahrain located?

Dae Rae Jung Bahrain is located in Adliya area near to Andalus Garden.

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