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Cocos Bahrain Adliya

Cocos Bahrain is a cafe and restaurant located in Adliya st Block 338. They offer a fusion of various cuisines ranging from Mexican, Italian and American. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, my preference for outdoor dining in Bahrain is the luscious green outdoor seats next to the fountain. To know what to eat here, keep scrolling down.

The moment you walk through the entrance path, you will be teleported to a serene cozy outdoor seating, with fresh greenery, and fountain water learing from the lions mouth.

We scanned the menu from the QR code. You can see the menu below on this blog.

We tried calling their numbers at 12:30 but the call was unanswered. The staff told us they don’t take reservations on call when I enquired after reaching.

We came here on a holiday at 12:45 and it was rushed. We were put on the waiting list with 40 minutes waiting time.

Once we got our seat we knew it was worth the wait. It has a homely outdoor feeling all together, which very few restaurants in Bahrain offer.

One lesson learnt is not to order our food in parts. We ordered soup, appetizers and mains seperately and hence received our orders very late. We sat from 2 PM to 4:30 PM. This could have been avoided if we knew what to order and how quick to order. However, the vibe was so chill and also adding to the fact that it was a holiday, we didn’t mind it.

The staff were courteous and polite. However, the service was very slow, most likely due to the holiday.

The price range is BHD 10 to 20+ for two depending on your appetite.

What is a must try at Cocos Adliya Bahrain

Chicken mushroom soup

Pumpkin soup (sweet flavor)

Pumpkin Spinach soup (balanced flavor)

Lasagne Al Emiliana

Chicken Tacochitos

Steak Sliders

Pepper steak (yum but they didn’t do it medium rare as we want it – mashed potato was more than the sauce too)

Lahina (Thai infused rice and sea bass fish- you can choose salmon too)

Tandoori (you can choose fish or chicken. We choose chicken as a lot people like it with chicken. The sauce was yum with the rice)

Risotto con Pollo (must try – the chicken was good and the risotto was cooked perfectly)

Bora Bora (comes with mint infused rice and you can choose between sea bass and salmon)

Chicken Stroganoff

Shrimp risotto


Ceaser Salad,

Santa Monica Salad,

Pollo Alfredo,

Grilled Seabass

Peach iced tea


I will skip mushroom steak next time.

Menu of Cocos Adliya Bahrain

Where is Cocos Adliya Bahrain located

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