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Cafe Sego Bahrain – Café Ségo Diplomatic Area

Cafe Sego Bahrain is located in the Diplomatic Area. They are a French Cafe and Local Roastery offering French cuisine and English cuisine. They also have good breakfast. To know the must eat here and out experience, keep reading below.

A special thanks to my friend Neil for introducing me to this place.

They are open 24 hours.

You can contact them on 17211152

What is a must eat at the French Cafe Sego Bahrain?

French Toast

Egg Benedict with Brisket

Sweet potato fries


The high tea – (This has mini quiches, finger bites, mini sandwiches/ burgers, macron, eclair, crème brûlée and a choice of any coffee or tea from their menu. This is meant for two. The macron and eclair is on the sweeter side and the bread is a bit hard, otherwise the rest of the dishes were on point)

The English breakfast was average.

French Cafe Sego Diplomatic Area BH Menu

Where is Cafe Sego Bahrain located?

In the Diplomatic Area

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