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Butterfly Garden Dubai UAE

Butterfly Garden Dubai is next to the Miracle garden in Dubai, UAE. The garden is broken down into 3 zones. Each zone has a different level of experience but the one thing that remains constant are the butterflies. You can see a variety of butterflies and if you are lucky you get to hold hold them and take pictures.

There is so much learning that is received about the butterflies in this area.

If you are someone who enjoys seeing butterflies in nature, this is the place to go.

I haven’t added any butterfly pictures here so that you can experience them without any spoilers.

What is the ticket price to Dubai Butterfly Garden

The tickets cost 55 AED and if we book online there is a special offer where you can buy 3 tickets and get 1 ticket free.

Where is the Dubai Butterfly Garden and how to get here ?

We took a taxi and came here. Car is the quickest and easiest route to come.

There is a bus which leaves at 5:50 from this place to Mall of emirates as well.

Make sure to visit even the Miracle Garden Dubai which is nearby.

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