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Al Dar Restaurant Bahrain (Dar Aqua) at Farmers Market

Al Dar Restaurant Bahrain is located in Salmabad. They offer traditional seafood as well as breakfast. The ambiance in the outdoor seating is so calming and beautiful. To know what to order here, scroll down below!

They have an indoor and outdoor seating. In summers best to sit inside. However, both the seating have a splendid view of the nature. We like coming here for breakfast on weekends.

The entrance from inside Farmers market


Address (P.S. Google Maps below): Hoarat A’ali, Salmabad, Bahrain
Time: 8 AM to 5 AM – All days except Sunday
Contact: 66995599
Parking: Yes, a lot

What to try at Al Dar Aqua at Farmers Market

1. The al Dar breakfast tray

2. Karak tea (love it)

3. Baked beans (strong flavour of the tomatoes)

4. Labnah zattar (cheesee❤️)

5. Balaleet ❤️❤️

6. Olives (so fresh)

7. Samosa (I like to dip in labnah)


Where is Al Dar Aqua Restaurant – Farmers Market located?

It is located at Salmabad inside Farmers market.

Hope this article on Al Dar Bahrain (Dar Aqua) at Farmers Market helped you in making the right food decision. In case you did enjoy our recommendations or even otherwise, please let us know in the comments so that we can ensure our recommendations are the most accurate and up-to-date based on everyone’s tastebuds. This is Team Simple Food & Reviews, signing out for today. Check out more restaurants in Bahrain here.

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