A strange thing that happened to me Speech Short

This was my speech for the Toastmaster project. It was the humourous pathway. I was working on level 2 project 1 titled know your humor. Here is a strange thing that happened to me speech.

Around midnight, I was driving back home from the library. The street lights were bright and as I looked into the mirror, I was frozen to see what I did. I saw I saw… a white ….hair protruding from my beard.

My Dear Toastmasters, a very good evening to you all.

This is not a horror story like the movies but it is definitely a horror to see your first white hair at the ripe age of 22. but it’s one of the conspiracies of life that one must accept.

Speaking of which have you heard about this new restaurant called Karma?
There’s no menu: You get what you deserve.

What I’m trying to say is that WE get back what we do. If we give out good, we get a lot of good back and if we give out bad, you already know what you’d get.

In life, be good and be yourself and work hard towards your goals, under these principles the right people will find you or….Let me complete that sentence after I finish up with a small personal story.

Let me tell you about a strange thing that happened to me was when I was studying for my CA final exams. It’s ironic that I really hate being wrong and yet I choose to write the exams. So, I loved visiting this library near my college to study. I loved how silent it was and how every minded their own business. The loneliness breathes a sigh of relief if it meant ill clear my exams. Fate had different plans for this loved loneliness. I ended up clearing my exams but as a bonus, made 3 good friends for life. Surprisingly, they were studying for their CA exams too. Coincidentally, we all cleared the exams at the same time. I’m not surprised. The company you keep determines the most outcomes in life. Now I’m sure you’d think they are studying together and they cleared their exams. No, we did not slog studying all day. We explored food, we joked, we laughed, we cried. Although I had planned to focus solely on studying, the world made sure to give me life long friends, and in fact, we already have made plans to meet when I go down the next time.

Now for the strange thing that happened, this wasn’t it.
It was something that happened after few months of clearing our exams. You all know I love blogging about food. So what do you think you would find on my phone? If you guessed pictures of my face, you are right but there are also pictures of food. A lot of food.
So, this is what happened, I was going through the pictures I had collected. As I was going through them, can you guess what horror I saw?

There behind me in the pictures, lay my new friends. Well, no they are not all that bad. So why did I say horror? Because I had never met them then. I never knew them then. These pictures were taken a year before I actually met them.

What were they doing in those pictures, they weren’t stalking me If that’s whats you were thinking. How do I know? I asked them. They had just happened to stop by for some food. What a coincidence. A year before I met them, I had already met them. Or the world has conspired for us to meet.

I learned something that day. We work so hard towards our goals, a lot of times we don’t reach them right away. We get frustrated but we should never give up. Because as we put in the effort, the higher power is working in the background, conspiring to give us just what we need. WE try to control so many things in life, our clothes, our food, our friends. I’m here to tell you do not. Do not try to fit yourself into boxes of the so-called life.

In life, be good and Just be yourself, work hard towards your goals under these principles, the right people will find you and incase you don’t, the universe will.

The power of good & positivity will ensure that the right things are attracted towards your life.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadow.

Let me conclude by saying a strange thing that happened to me was one of the best things that happened to me.

Hope you enjoyed the strange thing that happened to me speech

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